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Highly Satisfied

Never stop doing what you do, North Books.
The paper is high quality and has a semi-smooth texture; the weight is high enough so ink does not bleed through the page, but not too heavy to be annoying.
The dots are are light but still noticeable.
This note book is exactly what I want in a dot note book.

Chao Y.
Love it!

I was worried about pen and marker ghosting, but I was quite happy to find out that it's very minimal. The dots are not too big which I like. I'm happy that they are a slim profile too because I just don't like the idea of carrying a thick notebook. I am enjoying these notebooks a lot.

a superb value notebook

These are the best notebooks I've found, for an economical combination of all the necessary virtues for heavy use. After more than a year of daily writing with a fountain pen, I keep coming back to Northbooks and buying more. Indispensable! Definitely five stars. I do wish the paper was a little better quality, but for this price they are winners. (Why should I spend a lot more, for only a little more?)

Kris Kringle
Came to support a USA business. Will be staying for the product itself.

It's not often that a ideologically driven change of plans actually works out because the product is good. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was the case with these notebooks. When I purchased this set, I had two objectives. 1) Support a USA business, and 2) Become a digital minimalist and try to live a more analog life. I have been extremely pleased with choosing Northbooks to help me fulfill my mission. I find that I don't go anywhere without it. You should buy some of these journals too!

Great Notebooks - Great Customer Service

Notebooks are fantastic. Slim/minimalist design makes them easy to use anywhere. Also they look very nice. Can't imagine life now without them!

Customer service is also fantastic. Shipping carrier lost the order and the were easy to deal with to get it figured out!

Minimalist Design. Maximum Quality.

Our books are printed with recycled paper that resists feathering, ghosting, and bleeding without any extra bulk. Our paper is thick, smooth, and acid-free. The soft cream color makes for an elegant, easy to read backdrop for journaling, sketching, creating to do lists, shopping lists, or simple weekly planning.


Buy a Book, Plant a Tree

Sustainability doesn't have to be complicated.

Sure, we use recycled materials in our products and focus on a sustainable supply chain.

But we also like to keep it simple - for every Northbooks order we plant a tree in the rainforest through our partnership with Eden Projects.