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Best Sketchbooks for a great price!

I love that these sketchbooks are made in the USA! The paper is high quality sketch paper, which takes pencil and ink very well. It holds up to a good deal of erasing, and tolerates watercolor very well for a non-watercolor sketch book. A couple layers of watercolor doesn’t cause pilling or bleeding, and though it cockles while you’re working, it does dry fairly flat. Which is very impressive, since that’s not what sketch paper is made for! I can use fountain pens on this paper with little to no bleed through—including my flex-nib Noodlers pens. Copic markers do bleed through if you hold them in place too long, but for quick passes they work fine (and that’s how I typically use them anyway). Brush pens such as the Pentel Pocket Brush work great! Several juicy layers does not bleed through. This B5 size is perfect for me, as are the 48-count sheets—just right for filling in a month or so, which makes the three-pack helpful. They have a nice sturdy feel. Northbooks also has phenomenal customer service and are really great to work with! My new favorite sketchbooks, definitely will continue to buy these. Love their notebooks as well, and Northbooks is my go-to for all things sketch and noteworthy!!

Minimalist, well made

These notebooks have a clean look. Good paper stock, stapled binding (see picture). Not the cheapest notebooks you’ll find, but if you’re looking specifically for this type, the quality matches the price. American made.

Kay T.
High Quality Paper

I needed better paper than that put in yellow pads to hold fountain pen ink. This works well.

shanti mcquirk
Amazing for note-taking!

I love these notebooks! I’m a college student and they are nice because I write very small and include lots of graphs and figures in my notes so a blank sheet is easier to work with!I also love how thin and light weight these notebooks are, much easier to carry then spiral notebooks! The only downsides are that these notebooks pick up dirt easily due to mate texture of the cover and the binding is not as secure as a stitched binding (these notebooks are secured with only 2 staples)

Minimalist Design. Maximum Quality.

Our books are printed with recycled paper that resists feathering, ghosting, and bleeding without any extra bulk. Our paper is thick, smooth, and acid-free. The soft cream color makes for an elegant, easy to read backdrop for journaling, sketching, creating to do lists, shopping lists, or simple weekly planning.


Buy a Book, Plant a Tree

Sustainability doesn't have to be complicated.

Sure, we use recycled materials in our products and focus on a sustainable supply chain.

But we also like to keep it simple - for every Northbooks order we plant a tree in the rainforest through our partnership with Eden Projects.