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Great paper & awesome customer service!

I was very excited to find a notebook made in the US with some recycled content as well as the dot grid. The notebook I received had been damaged in transit, and the customer service I received from Kat was top notch! She was fast, kind, and responsive, and I had a replacement in no time. The paper is smooth, has a nice warmth, and is a delight to write on. Also, the dot grid is present without being intrusive and there is no bleed through with Tombow brush pens,pilot flair pens or Colorit watercolor brush pens (no water added). I think I'll try the hard cover journal next!

Joshua K.
Great for bullet journal!

I have a traveler's journal, and this is the perfect insert for bulleted paper!

Love it - Great alternative to the fancier notebooks!

I was looking for a Moleskine or a Leuchtturm dot grid notebook for bullet journalling but they were both out of stock; and then I found this one - and I LOVE it! I just bought the three pack for when I fill up this one - and my son wants his own now, too.I wanted a dot grid (not lined or squared) and this book has that. I love the size of the grid. Not too big, not too small. I use a Pilot G-2 0.38 pen and my writing fits perfectly in the grid.I wanted a soft cover because my purse is small and I carry this thing around with me everywhere and didn't want a hardcover taking up precious space or making my purse too bulky/inflexible. The cover is a heavy paper and I thought it would fall apart easily but it has really stood up, especially considering how many times each day I use the book. And it's attached to the pages really well. I am not concerned about the pages detaching from the cover and falling out.I haven't used the Moleskine or Leuchtturm so I can't compare page thickness, all I can say is that I'm completely happy with the quality of the pages in the Northbook. I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens for color and have no issues with bleeding through. Sometimes I can see the black pen on the other side but not much.There are no frills, but that's okay because the price is right. No ribbon, but I have a feeling a ribbon would make me nuts. Instead I use little post it book marker stickers that just barely peek out the side (see pic) so I can find my important pages fast and that has been perfect. Better than just one ribbon! It also doesn't have an elastic closure which is a little bit of a bummer (but again, price) but I have found a way around that: I use a binder clip to keep the pages closed which doubles as a pen holder! (see pic) The Leuchtturm is wider, which I thought would be nice, but I haven't found a time when I wish the page was a quarter or half an inch wider, and being a little narrower means it fits in my purse better, so it's fine.My biggest wish, however, is for more pages. It's nice that this book is slim, but I would happily trade some slimness for more pages. Like, double the pages. That's the only thing that has me poking around for other options.

Five Stars

I absolutely love mine! I will definitely purchase more when I filled up mine...p.s. No bleed!

Lovely and handy!

Last year I ordered a journal with a soft cover and was VERY impressed with the smoothness of the paper and the quality! I ordered this journal because I wanted a journal with fewer pages to last the shorter summer semester. I enjoyed how to page itself was smaller since I usually use Leuchtturm1917s and the pages are humongous and there is a lot of wasted white space. One thing I didn't like about this journal is that it would open flat, the binding started to break very quickly, and there was unpleasant ghosting when I used my Stablio markers. Also, the pages were cut a little wonky so the dots were off but that's not a big deal! I still love this brand and I'm sure my rough handling was responsible for the binding fall apart! I 10/10 would buy another Northbook again (just not this journal)!

Minimalist Design. Maximum Quality.

Our books are printed with recycled paper that resists feathering, ghosting, and bleeding without any extra bulk. Our paper is thick, smooth, and acid-free. The soft cream color makes for an elegant, easy to read backdrop for journaling, sketching, creating to do lists, shopping lists, or simple weekly planning.


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