About Northbooks

Our simple goal is to make great notebooks and to deliver them at an incredible value to you. With Northbooks, you get very high quality journals at prices that are moderate and affordable. 

All of our Northbooks are designed in the USA. Many of our Northbooks are also sourced and made in the USA. You can see clearly on each product page if the Northbooks are made in USA or not. We began making all Northbooks in the US, but unfortunate changes in the US printing industry threatened to stop our production several times. We now work with US partners as well as responsible, vetted partners in Taiwan. 

We're able to offer competitive pricing because we're connecting directly with you. Making notebooks and journals that people love to use is what makes us happy! 
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Rediscover the joy of planning, writing, and doodling on fine paper in a great notebook with Northbooks!