Northbooks | Custom Notebooks

Love your Northbooks so much you want to put your company name on them? You’re not the only one! The love organizations feel for their Northbooks is real; that’s why we’ve decided to share the love.We're proud to offer our business customers custom Northbooks to showcase your organization’s unique brand style.

custom notebooks

Tailored to fit your unique needs

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming company event, trying to raise brand awareness, or simply looking for a custom gift for your customers or employees, our custom notebooks are sure to suit your needs. Northbooks’ simple yet sophisticated design is the perfect blank canvas to display your creative logo. Durable enough to use everyday and free of distractions, your custom Northbooks are a great way to spark inspiration and document ideas.

Styles and Pricing

Our most popular custom style features our 96 page 5x8 softcovers.  In this style, Northbooks retains the branding on the rear cover, and the front cover is customized with any design printed in black on our natural jute 50% recycled cover paper. Please fill out our form below to start a custom Northbooks project! 


If you're interested in customizing Northbooks in a different way, or customizing a different Northbook size, please include a detailed message in the other information section of our form outlining the specifics of your request. After we hear from you, we will review your request and determine if it is a fit creatively and financially. We know you’re eager to receive your custom Northbooks so we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.

Please note: In order to accommodate the offset printing process, we keep order minimums to 500 units.

If you are interested in creating your own custom Northbooks please FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING FORM so we can provide you with more information: