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These are exactly what I was looking for. The size of both the pages and lines are perfect for me, and I can fit a whole day of journaling on one page! The design is simple and minimalist, and there aren't ANY annoying markings on the pages!!! Even though it's not a spiral notebook, the pages stay open effortlessly - I was worried about that! The quality is astonishing for the price. 20/10 for sure!

legendary notebooks

this is my 3rd time and can guarantee the squares notebooks that fold flat have been irreplaceable in my courseload as an Electrical Engineering Student :) && I get so many compliments on the perfect fold not to mention how efficient it makes the notebook at fitting in any bag. slay 😇🌈💃🏽

One of my most favorite notebooks

This is a great notebook for me and one I continually reorder. The covers are firm but flexible. The layflat binding is the best I've found to avoid the distractions of holding other notebooks open to the right page.

Love Northbooks

I use it as a daily journal, and it’s perfect!

Nice notebook

I journal almost every day and also doodle. I don’t need lines in my journal. I bought one for my husband but he likes lines so two for me! Yay!

A5 X Blank Sketch Notebook
Mary Battjes
Great little book

This book is perfect for what I needed it for: daily sketches in journal form. I'm very happy with it!

Highly Satisfied

Never stop doing what you do, North Books.
The paper is high quality and has a semi-smooth texture; the weight is high enough so ink does not bleed through the page, but not too heavy to be annoying.
The dots are are light but still noticeable.
This note book is exactly what I want in a dot note book.

Very good notebooks

I love that they are made in the US and don’t have any plastic or coils. Quality of paper is excellent even for pens with more liquid-y ink.

The best

Love these. Have been using for years. Simply the best.

A5 X

Very happy with the purchase of these notebooks. The paper quality is good for what I use them for and I really like the way the notebooks lay flat. I have used Northbooks products in the past-and like them- but I am really stoked about the X notebooks. I have been experimenting with spiral notebooks of all makes and models. None of them are comparable to the X Notebooks; wish I'd discovered them sooner.

They have numbered pages!

And lie perfectly flat. The paper quality is really nice, it's smooth, takes ink well without ghosting, and the dots are faint enough to fade into the background without being so faint I have to use a spotlight to find them. The dots are perfectly aligned between pages, and it's just a really well-made Bullet Journal with all things that make it easy to set up my own layouts. The covers are thick enough to provide support for writing against, but not so thick they're heavy or stab me through a backpack the way some hardcovers do. I'm grateful I get to buy something made in the US that's of really good quality.


Great products! I would definitely order more of the same.

Great value

I'm very satisfied with these books so far. I wanted some sort of work planner, but everything I found with pre-populated pages just didn't quite work for me. Too much wasted space, or not enough room in the right areas. I wanted to try a bullet journal but not spend too much money in case it didn't work for me. So far I'm very satisfied and really like that this whole book is paper so when I'm done, I can recycle or maybe even compost it. Lightweight as well!

Simplicity is one the main attributes of this notebook. Although the quality really separates it from other brands.

The texture and thickness of the paper is just right for pen and pencil.

The soft cover is still pretty sturdy. The notebook easily lays flat when opened, as most of the reviews have stated.

Lines A5 Softcover 2 Pack
Robert Gilbert
Good books

These notebooks do the trick each time!

A5 X Ruled Writing Notebook 3 Pack

Very nice notebooks. Great quality.

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook 3 Pack
Durable and Functional

The dot journal has proven to be quite versatile for sketching and planning, I especially like the open flat design and durable paper. Gifting journals: one gift recipient will utilize their journals to record woodland flora and fauna in the planning of their homestead. Another for scientific research and field work.

A5 X Blank Sketch Notebook
Fantastic Quality!

I love these sketchbooks! The paper is great quality for pencil, pen, markers, and even light watercolor washes. I mostly use fountain pens for drawing, and my Noodler’s Inks work great. I really like the page count because it gives me plenty of room to explore ideas and concept out projects. The exposed sewn binding is sturdy and easy lays flat throughout the book. The A5 size is great for carrying on the go, and still roomy enough to dig in and make a nice, detailed drawing.

Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

I absolutely love my B5 Northbooks! The graph or dot is my favorite for bullet journaling, and the page count is perfect for planning quarterly. The squares are by 1/2 cm. The paper is high quality, of a nice thickness, and works well with my Zebra Mildliner highlighters, and markers such as the Kuretake ZIG dot markers (no bleed or show-through). Fountain pens work marvelously, drying quickly but not bleeding through. The binding is 3 very sturdy staples, and the books hold together very well--I fold the entire book backwards from time to time, and the binding hasn't even loosened. USA-made quality! I use the plain B5s as sketchbooks as well, and haven't found much I can't do with them--watercolor and ink washes don't sit on the surface OR bleed through (at least not very much unless you make a lake of water), and there's a subtle amount of tooth to the paper to hold pencil drawings very nicely. The B5 size is nice and spacious, but still compact enough to carry around easily in a small bag or purse. Highly recommend Northbooks--can't go wrong with any notebook you pick here!

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook 3 Pack
Exactly what I needed - spacious

Coming from the 5x8 northbooks (dotted), this is almost entirely an improvement. I like these a lot.

Things I like:
- more pages
- pages are numbered
- pages are wider
- lay flat binding increases the amount of actual useable space
- I am no longer annoyed when the journal does not lay flat. It lays very flat.
- backing is mostly sturdy enough to write on in lap

Two caveats that don't really apply to me:
- pages are thinner than the 5x8 journals, so I have to use EF nib fountain pens
- cannot fold back over like a spiral or soft cover

Terrific FB notebook

This Junior Legal sized notebook is a perfect fit for my Tanner Goods travel wallet. No feathering, bleed through or ghosting with Parker Quink blue-black or Montegrappa brown inks from medium nibs.

Enjoyable notebook.

The book is much sturdier than I expected. I'm hard on my journals, break the back/bend things so that the journal can be folded over on itself (not folded directly on the binding, but close). So far it's holding together really well.

I haven't used a fountain pen in it, but I have used some very wet roller ball pens, and there has been no bleeding or ghosting. I've also noticed no feathering.

For pencil, I need to change out to softer lead. Regular HB does not show up enough on this paper. Small issue, but a good thing to remember for pencil users! I also recommend a pencil board; it makes it easier to write when you don't have a good surface to rest your journal. The softcover is surprisingly sturdy on it's own, but the pencil board just gives it that extra boost of comfort., especially when writing along the edges. I have a messy mind, and sometimes I have sentences going every which way, and a board makes it easier to squeeze something in on the edge.

A pencil board isn't a requirement. I've been writing on thin paper for years (aka Tamoe or Stalogy), and it's a big switch moving to this decadently thick paper. A little lighter beige would be cool; again, pencil can get lost, especially for those of us who use extra-fine-tipped pens and pencils.

Not sure how they did it, but this journal also feels less cramped than some of the mainline quality A5 journals. It's been a joy to write in so far. I even bought a couple more before i was done with what I have.

Because I guess that's a journaler's thing..... never enough pens or paper.

Love your books, Northbooks. And that they are made in the US, supporting American workers and our economy, is important. Keep it up, and I'll keep buying (and gifting!) your stuff! Worth every penny. (I also have the hardback versions.... oh, my. So delicious.)

Squares A5 Tear Away Softcover 2 Pack
Great notebook

Good notebook 📓 for the price

Great Grid

Very pleased with my purchase.

Glad to find Made In USA!

Wonderful quality! Not lay-flat, but Made in USA, so I will work with it.