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Great quality

Love using this books, the thickness is perfect, can use both sides without pens bleeding through and a nice sturdy cover. Definitely will be sticking with them as long as I'm writing!

If Northbooks has no fans then I'm dead.

Seriously, I love these notebooks with every fiber of my being. The prefect college ruled notebook. And now they come in this pretty blue? I really hope they restock some of their other sizes soon because this is the only notebook I use for any of my writing! Such a great product!

Perfect Notebooks

These have been my daily notebooks since I discovered them. Excellent paper and binding, and swift delivery.

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook
Emily Dombeck
I never want to use another notebook!

This is the absolute perfect notebook for this lefty. The lay-flat design means I never have to worry about spines getting in the way of my hand as I write, and the book stays open for me as I reference it throughout the day. I went to restock my stash today and I am so nervous that they are out of stock -- please bring them back, Northbooks!

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook
I am hooked. No other journal will do!

🌟 FIVE STARS🌟 I simply cannot imagine using any other journal. Love the feel of the pages, page numbering, the dotted lines, AND the binding - the fact that this notebook that captures all is flat. I don’t have to *wrestle* with it with one arm/elbow as I pen my thoughts, a seemingly small but important product detail!

Northbooks 3 Pack of B5 Blank Sketchbooks 7 x 10 inch Large | Made in USA
Nan Corbin
Wonderful all around

I am a professional Calligrapher, and have written on all sorts of paper in my life. Your cover and inside papers are a true highlight and pleasure to write on. It is delightful to have such high quality products.
I can’t see how to send pix of some covers I personalized but sent them to your website. Thank you for making such quality products.

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook
Bryce Gardner
My favorite notebook

Of all the notebooks that I've used or looked at, this one is my favorite. I tried several different brands, but when I tried this one, it was the end of a search. It is thin and light-weight. The pages are numbered. The dots aren't too dark. And it opens flat easily and can be folded back completely when writing without a table. I think northbooks made the perfect notebook. I hope they keep this one going for a long time. I'm a bit nervous because it is out of stock.

Blank 3 Pack of 5x8 Notebooks, 96 Pages
My absolute favorite!

I don’t know what I would do if you guys stopped selling the 5x8 size of the blank ones. I used to purchase through Amazon, but are no longer on there (in this size). I have few items in my life that I absolutely love and cherish and this is one of them! Started writing 4 years ago now and all my notebooks are northbooks. Thank you so much! Sounds simple…a notebook, but no! This is my favorite journaling notebook and makes my writing experience that much more special and enjoyable.

Dots A5 Softcover 2 Pack
Angela Ford
Love these and need many more-- Please restock!

I bought two 2-packs a couple years ago and especially love the paper cover and their durability. It is hard to find A5 journals that are not fake leather hardcovers with the elastic strap. I love the simplicity of these softcover 2-packs, and really wish they were still available. FWIW, I have two that are more papery and two that are slightly darker with a more eggshell finish. I prefer the papery version but will take either at this point. I would venture into the lay flat version but don't love the idea of an exposed spine.

A5 X Ruled Writing Notebook
my go-to

These have become my go-to for journaling and note taking. Lay flat binding (and exposed, which I love!) with paper that is just as good as a $25 journal.

A5 X Graph Paper Notebook 3 Pack
So great

I’m just a mom who loves to journal.. prayer journal, bullet journal. I am so impressed with the quality of these journals and I do not foresee me buying journals anywhere else from now on.
I love how they lay flat and the lines are not to dark and not too light. Just excellent quality.

Lines 3 Pack of 5x8 Notebooks, 96 College Ruled Pages

These are exactly what I was looking for. The size of both the pages and lines are perfect for me, and I can fit a whole day of journaling on one page! The design is simple and minimalist, and there aren't ANY annoying markings on the pages!!! Even though it's not a spiral notebook, the pages stay open effortlessly - I was worried about that! The quality is astonishing for the price. 20/10 for sure!

A5 X Graph Paper Notebook 3 Pack
legendary notebooks

this is my 3rd time and can guarantee the squares notebooks that fold flat have been irreplaceable in my courseload as an Electrical Engineering Student :) && I get so many compliments on the perfect fold not to mention how efficient it makes the notebook at fitting in any bag. slay 😇🌈💃🏽

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook
Colin McCabe
One of my most favorite notebooks

This is a great notebook for me and one I continually reorder. The covers are firm but flexible. The layflat binding is the best I've found to avoid the distractions of holding other notebooks open to the right page.

Dots 3 Pack of 5x8 Notebooks, 96 Pages
Tyler Shores
Love Northbooks

I use it as a daily journal, and it’s perfect!

Dots A5 Softcover 2 Pack
Chrissy Rand
Nice notebook

I journal almost every day and also doodle. I don’t need lines in my journal. I bought one for my husband but he likes lines so two for me! Yay!

A5 X Blank Sketch Notebook
Mary Battjes
Great little book

This book is perfect for what I needed it for: daily sketches in journal form. I'm very happy with it!

Northbooks 3 Pack of B5 Dots Bullet Journals 7 x 10 inch Large | Made in USA
Highly Satisfied

Never stop doing what you do, North Books.
The paper is high quality and has a semi-smooth texture; the weight is high enough so ink does not bleed through the page, but not too heavy to be annoying.
The dots are are light but still noticeable.
This note book is exactly what I want in a dot note book.

Squares 3 Pack of 5x8 Notebooks, 96 Pages
Very good notebooks

I love that they are made in the US and don’t have any plastic or coils. Quality of paper is excellent even for pens with more liquid-y ink.

Dots 3 Pack of 5x8 Notebooks, 96 Pages
The best

Love these. Have been using for years. Simply the best.

A5 X Graph Paper Notebook 3 Pack
Andrew Wylie
A5 X

Very happy with the purchase of these notebooks. The paper quality is good for what I use them for and I really like the way the notebooks lay flat. I have used Northbooks products in the past-and like them- but I am really stoked about the X notebooks. I have been experimenting with spiral notebooks of all makes and models. None of them are comparable to the X Notebooks; wish I'd discovered them sooner.

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook
Liralen Li
They have numbered pages!

And lie perfectly flat. The paper quality is really nice, it's smooth, takes ink well without ghosting, and the dots are faint enough to fade into the background without being so faint I have to use a spotlight to find them. The dots are perfectly aligned between pages, and it's just a really well-made Bullet Journal with all things that make it easy to set up my own layouts. The covers are thick enough to provide support for writing against, but not so thick they're heavy or stab me through a backpack the way some hardcovers do. I'm grateful I get to buy something made in the US that's of really good quality.

Northbooks 3 pack of B5 College Ruled Journals 7 x 10 inch Large | Made in USA
Dan Leo

Great products! I would definitely order more of the same.

Dots A5 Softcover 2 Pack
Lillian F.
Great value

I'm very satisfied with these books so far. I wanted some sort of work planner, but everything I found with pre-populated pages just didn't quite work for me. Too much wasted space, or not enough room in the right areas. I wanted to try a bullet journal but not spend too much money in case it didn't work for me. So far I'm very satisfied and really like that this whole book is paper so when I'm done, I can recycle or maybe even compost it. Lightweight as well!

A5 X Dotted Bullet Notebook

Simplicity is one the main attributes of this notebook. Although the quality really separates it from other brands.

The texture and thickness of the paper is just right for pen and pencil.

The soft cover is still pretty sturdy. The notebook easily lays flat when opened, as most of the reviews have stated.