Northbooks | Reviews

I just wanted to share how much I love your products. Earlier this year I was looking for a small hardcover dot-ruled notebook and the one you make was just what I needed. I was so impressed with the quality it quickly became one of my favorite things I own. More recently I ordered a set of your pocket-sized dotted notebooks instead of the Field Notes I had been using prior. The Northbooks ones are better in every way: slightly bigger, more pages, plain covers without markings on the inside, and less expensive. I hope you continue to make products for a very long time so I always have these wonderful notebooks. Thank you! Alex Bainter


I am very impressed with their durability both inside & out - I shove it into a tight compartment, fold it out flat all of the way or flip it backwards with every page as I draw, & it is none the worse for wear. These notebooks are simple, durable, do the job well, & the spartan look really has grown on me. Because of the lack of flash on the cover or anywhere else, it is really a clean slate to let the artwork shine, & that is pretty awesome!


Perfect size for my backpack or tote. One for personal to do lists, the other for tracking high level goals and running to do items for my current work project.


Small, light and convenient. Perfect to have on the go! 


I'm addicted to Northbooks Notebooks. They are the perfect size to carry around so that I can bullet journal non stop. The paper is smooth and great for my doodling as well. Thank you Northbooks!


What you see is what you get. I absolutely love it! The dotted paper is perfect for a bullet journal. No complaints!


I want to buy as many as I can. This is really cool journal!!! I used one for my bucket list, others for my travel journals for my vacations coming up, and another one for my do do lists. I definitely recommend these!