3 Best Daily Planners for Men to Organize their Day

Daily Planners for Men

When most people think of the planner community, they imagine a group of highly organized women. The truth is, planners work for everyone, no matter their gender, their job, or their lifestyle. Choosing the best planner for men can seem frustrating at first because so many of the tips are targeted to women. In a way, it helps with planning your weekly layout, but it’s also a great habit tracker, manages your daily schedule, and helps with goal setting. But finding the perfect planner that suits a man’s style and organizational needs is possible with a little time and effort.

What are some of the things men should look for in a planner?


The best planner for men will be durable and capable of taking a beating. More often than not, men will use their planners to organize work or school activities, as well as their personal lives. Some use a monthly planner layout for family activities, which can help with important dates like birthdays and school days.

Regardless of how you use your planner, it needs to be strong enough to be able to travel back and forth to school or work with you. Men rarely leave their planners at home, so make sure you get something that stays organized and doesn’t fall apart when it’s out and about with you.

Masculine or Professional

Masculine or Professional

In most cases, men want a planner with a more masculine or professional appearance. They might want something with a plan cover or a simple design. Some prefer deeper masculine colors in their planners, such as brown, gray, or black. There are plenty of options out there, so you should be able to find exactly what you need no matter your taste.

Many of the planners on the market aren’t designed specifically for men, but they suit masculine tastes. Women also like a simplified planner, but these are the styles of planner that most often appeal to men.


The entire purpose of using a planner is to keep things organized. Men need organization in a planner just as much as women. It can help with organizing your daily schedule, quarterly goals, and any important dates. And just like female planner users, men need planners that are designed specifically to suit their organizational needs. This varies based on the individual person and his or her preferred method for organizing.

How do you choose the best organization system in your planner?

Ask yourself a few of the following questions to narrow down your options:


  • Do I want a planner with a daily, weekly, or monthly spread, or all three?
  • Do I want a pre-designed planner or a blank page bullet journal that offers greater flexibility?
  • Do I want a planner with a horizontal, vertical, or other layout?
  • Do I need additional planning tools to make the use of my planner more efficient?

 If you’ve never used a planner before, you might want to try a few organization systems. Many people land on using a bullet journal-style planner because it allows them to design exactly the layout they need and incorporate the features they want to use. However, with all of the planners that are on the market, you’ll probably be able to find something that works for you.

Do I Need More than One Planner?

Do I Need More than One Planner

It can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you need in a planner and find it in one book. It’s possible, but for some people, it’s a significant challenge. For instance, some men need to track their schedules at work, but also want to use their planner to track their fitness goals. This can be difficult to do in one book unless you find a planner specifically suited to things like this.

Again, this is why bullet journals come in so handy for many people. They allow you to design a planner from scratch that is specifically suited to your needs. Most bullet journaling is done on blank or dot grid paper, so you’re essentially starting with a blank slate. However, bullet journaling takes up more time than other planner systems for many people, so you really need to consider your specific needs.

Now that you know what to look for a in a planner and you know how to narrow down the various options, here are our picks for the best daily planners for men:

1. Northbooks

Northbooks journals are high-quality “bullet journal” style planners that offer flexible planning options for men. They are durable and can stand up to everyday use. Most of their planners are manufactured in the United States and feature non-bleeding paper.

Northbooks makes their journals with recycled materials when possible and through the company’s partnership with Eden Projects, they’ll plant a tree in the rainforest when you order your book.

2. Brendan Burchard’s High Performance Planner

This is a planner designed by a man for both men and women who want to use their planners as a motivation tool. The High Performance Planner is a great option for implementing positive change in your life.

Burchard’s planner is a combination planner and journal. This means you’re able to journal in the same book you use for making plans and mapping out your goals. You’ll see your days, weeks, months, and years laid out in front of you, and use the tools in the book to work toward your personal and professional goals. There are also morning and evening prompts to get you thinking about living your days to their fullest.

3. Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2020 Planner

This is a classic planner beloved by planner enthusiasts for many years. Everyone knows about Moleskine and knows the quality you can expect when you purchase their products.

This planner has a classic design and comes in both a daily and weekly version. You can also choose from several different sizes, including large and pocket styles. This means you can have a planner small enough to stick in your pocket and use on-the-go, or a planner large enough to map out everything in an easy-to-see and easy-to-organize layout.

In addition to different sizes and styles, these Moleskine planners come in eight different colors including green, yellow, black, and more. These planners are great for helping you track productivity, schedule important events, and make the most of a planner.

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