Need Business Stationery? Here's how Northbooks Can Help!

Business Stationery

If you’ve recently launched a business or you’ve neglected to invest in the custom stationery you need to operate your business, there’s never been a better time to find the materials you need. Business stationery must be professional to help showcase your corporate identity and branding, but it can also be fun. Through a custom logo, artwork, and overall design, your company stationery should always reflect your brand and ensure the recipient of the material knows without a doubt it came from your business.

But the process of choosing and investing in the right business stationery design can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never shopped for stationery in the past.

If you’re in need of business stationery, here’s what you should know.

Stationery Serves a Purpose

We’re living in a digital age and more communication than ever before is performed online. However, hard copy stationery is still an important part of running a business. You need tangible supplies that enhance your company’s brand.

Custom stationery is a business essential. It helps your business appear professional and established. It sets you apart from your competition. Professional stationery should feature your logo, your business motto if you have one, and be made from quality materials. You can brand your stationery subtly or use it to send a powerful message to current and potential clients. It’s really up to you what you do. When designing your stationery, let your existing brand guide your decision-making. Your business stationery is a tool that helps you share your company in a positive, tangible manner.

What kinds of stationery tools do business owners need?

Business Cards

Even if you opt to forego all other types of stationery, you need business cards. You need to be able to hand out a “calling card” when you meet someone face-to-face. It’s a long-standing business tradition and it’s one that continues today, even in our digital world.

If you don’t have business cards yet, now is the time. You shouldn’t launch your business until you’ve invested in business cards for you and your employees. Business cards are one of your most powerful networking tools. It’s a good idea to have cards even in the weeks and months before you launch your business. As you share information and, potentially, seek investors, you can use your business cards to give something tangible by which to remember you.

You have endless options when it comes to business cards. Look for something high-quality that features your business logo and your contact information. Beyond that, there are no rules.

Presentation Folders

Again, this is another tool you can use even before your business is officially launched. Presentation folders allow you to share in-depth information about your business in an organized and attractive way. Folders house info sheets, brochures, and all of the other tools that will sell your business to a client.

Folders can be an extension of your business cards or you can make them more specific to the information included in the folder. Folders are also a great tool that can change as your business takes on more and more projects.



Business letterhead is the imprint of your brand identity. You want it to be consistent with your business cards and other marketing materials. The design of your letterhead should be professional and attractive, but also memorable.

Every letter your business sends out must be on letterhead.

The standard paper size for a letterhead is 8.5×11 inches. The paper you choose should be thick, high-quality paper stock. If your brand is eco-focused, make sure the paper is made from recycled materials.


In addition to letterhead, it’s important to have branded envelopes for the materials you send through the mail. Envelopes should feature your company name, address, and logo. This ensures your business materials don’t get lost in a crowded mailbox.

Consider different sizes of envelopes to see what makes your materials stand out the most. Larger envelopes can seem more important than the smaller, standard sizes, but they aren’t appropriate for all occasions. The important thing is to consider if, when a customer receives a letter from you, they’ll recognize your brand and know who the mail is from before evening opting the envelope.


Postcards are a powerful marketing tool for businesses that use print marketing.

They increase your company’s public visibility and keep you in the forefront of clients’ minds.

Postcards should be well-designed and act as an extension of the conversation you’ve recently had with clients, either in person or online. They should be a simple reminder of your business’s goals and services and call to action.

Keep the messages on your postcards simple, subtle, and powerful. You have a short amount of space in which to get your message across. Also makes sure the images on your postcards are eye-catching and in high-resolution.



Notepads can be used in-house or given to clients. They are a great tool for keeping you in mind because customers will use the notepads at times they aren’t even thinking about you. Your brand will just become a part of their everyday lives. They’ll be jotting down a phone message or making a note to someone in their home and your logo will be right there for them to see. This “brand reminder” is a great way to become a part of your client’s life in a subtle, non-aggressive manner.

How Can Northbooks Help You with Your Business Stationery Needs?

Northbooks creates beautiful, minimalist notebooks for professionals, dreamers and doers. These books are made for everyday use. Most are manufactured in the United States and are made from high-quality, durable paper that doesn’t bleed. Whether you are using your notebook for business purposes or you want to distribute notebooks to employees or clients, Northbooks offers something for everyone.

They’re also an environmentally conscious company. For every notebook sold, the company plans a tree in the rainforest through its partnership with Eden Projects.

Business owners love the simple, sophisticated designs of Northbooks notebooks. They are a great tool for startups or established businesses and can help you make the most of your time and financial investments in business stationery.

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